The next section of the red community’s APP?

Recently, a pinch-face game has swept the major social platforms like a flood. Click on Ins, Facebook, etc., you can see a group of cute little people with 3D effects. The search found that the social software is called “ZEPETO” and has quickly reached the top of the App Store free list.


From the App Store’s global market performance, ZEPETO occupies a total of 14 countries. Top 1, 32 countries’ social rankings Top 1, ranked in Korea, the United States, Japan and other regions are also very high.

Such an instant app, it is inevitable that people are curious about where it is sacred. After downloading and opening the app, we will soon be pleasantly surprised to find out how there is a feeling of deja vu!
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Originally ZEPETO is a self-made 3D cartoon image, dress up space, and build a virtual community social software. At the same time, you can generate expressions through your own avatar, take photos with friends, and display personalized images.

The operation of the software is not complicated. You can use a photo of yourself to generate a preliminary image, and then adjust the details to achieve your own satisfactory results.


In addition to the material given in the soft body, you can also click the custom button to adjust the facial features through the fixed point.

After the five senses are established, you can also apply makeup to your character according to your preferences and fully display your personal characteristics.


The last step is also the step we are most familiar with: dress up! Purchase clothing through the gold coins obtained by the system and the task. After you have created your own avatar, you can start making emoticons, taking photos with friends, and so on.


This kind of pinch-faced game, why is it a red network?

From the perspective of the game’s attributes, this is not a simple expression or dressup software. It combines the functions of emoticons, dressups, mini-games and social networking with strangers.

  1. Social products are constantly digging into individual deep and diverse personalities. ZEPETO has many different details about image shaping. The user is also examining me in the process of pinching the face.
  2. Meet the user’s personalized expression and personal style display needs. Using emoticons is an essential part of modern social tools. You can use your own avatar to create emoticons, and more satisfy the needs of users’ personalized expression. expression
  3. Trends drive. Because of the novelty and interesting style, the characters look good. When these virtual characters are popular on major social platforms. A trend-following mood drives users to search for and download software. Once spread, it will form a huge linkage effect. The software naturally ignited.

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After the red, will it be a flash in the pan?

  1. The traffic is exploding and the product is unable to undertake

I think the friends who have downloaded the software have realized that the process of opening the page after the software download is very long, and sometimes it can even be stuck on a page. The reaction speed of the software is also unsatisfactory. As an emerging software, faced with such a huge amount of traffic, it needs to be constantly adjusted in terms of adaptation. If the user’s experience is not good, the software will face a large number of users losing.

  1. Product Attribute Single

In addition to the social function, ZEPETO is nothing more than a software for making expressions and dressing up. If you don’t develop a new functional project for a long time, the user’s freshness will gradually forget the software.

Moreover, in terms of social functions, the ZEPETO system is still relatively unstable, and the aspects that can be created independently are limited to pinching and dressing. To create a stronger user stickiness, you need to develop more interesting features of the product. Fix these huge flows

Having said that, take a look at Creation Media’s work!

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