In addition to the full egg, “Invincible Destruction King 2” has so much Internet information!

Not long ago, the release of “Invincible Destruction King 2 Explosion of the Internet”, the familiar Internet is presented to the public in the form of figuration, Disney’s unconventional plot arrangement and exquisite picture can be said to bring a Disney-style style to the audience. Internet dreams.

“Invincible Destruction King 1” was filmed in 2012, and in 2018, “Invincible Destruction King 2” is of great significance to Disney. As the world’s top entertainment industry giant, Disney’s market capitalization was surpassed by a young Internet company: Netflix in 2018. And this movie is undoubtedly a declaration of Disney embracing the Internet.


The film is mainly from the two protagonists in the stand-alone game: the story of Ralph and Yunilop. The game hall owner of the stand-alone game connected to the wifi and opened the channel for the stand-alone game and the Internet. Because the steering wheel handle of Yunilup’s game “Sweet Sprint” was accidentally broken by children, in order to keep the game, Ralph and Yunilup went to the Internet world to find the “Ebay” purchase steering wheel.

The Internet world has always existed in our virtual form, and this time, Disney has portrayed us with a figurative Internet city.

WeChat 圖片_20181127112600

As soon as you enter the Internet city, you will be greeted by major Internet giants: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, etc. Domestic companies have also appeared in this film: Sina and Tmall.


WeChat 圖片_20181127144321



The image of Twitter is also ingenious, borrowing its logo as a blue bird of figuration, and posting the latest tweets on the branches. And Gmail is like a small train, busy in the air.


As the key point of the film, “Ebay” appears as a modern modern building.


The viewers in real life all appear as a square-headed villain, and all the actions of the Internet world will affect the viewers in real life.

Is this the old man in the picture recognized? If you can’t think of it, Iron Man behind you will give you a hint!

stan lee

Automatic association
The automatic association function is anthropomorphized into a know-how. The automatic association function is very common in search engines. When we enter keywords, automatic association will automatically fill the rest of the content for us. This is also a simple embodiment of artificial intelligence.


For example, when we enter “Web Promotion” in the Google browser, the browser will automatically help us to correlate relevant information.

WeChat 圖片_20181127142135

Pop-up advertising

Pop-up advertisements are not unfamiliar to everyone. When we browse the webpage, pop-up advertisements are like the salesmen who are common in our lives (learning about swimming and fitness; interested in learning about English?), constantly attracting us. Attention, trying to guide us to our own website.



However, from the perspective of user experience, pop-up ads are not popular with users, and sometimes even cause users to resent.

Our experience tells us that pop-up ads often lead us to unhealthy websites, or some illegal websites, sometimes even associated with computer viruses. Therefore, when choosing to do online marketing, pop-up advertising is not a good choice.

Short video platform
Zan sister plays the role of website traffic algorithm in the film. A fashionable dress, the coat is made of network fiber. She is looking for the most popular video elements for the young people to promote and praise. This is very similar to the domestic “vibrato”, everyone is competing to shoot content that is popular with current users, in order to get more exposure and praise. And these praises and sharing can be turned into real money.


Transforming the traffic and turning the exposure into banknotes is a very common thing in the current online world. It is this environment that has spawned a large number of Internet reds, KOL. They have a large number of fans, and once they pass it through their hands, they can generate huge amounts of communication. This emerging advertising model is also benefited from the rapid development of the Internet and the media.

Big information explosion

In such an environment where information is exploding and spreading at a high speed, the Internet reds are red and fast. Perhaps the Internet hot words that were eagerly imitated the day before were replaced by emerging hot spots the next day.

This is perhaps the most straightforward in the “vibrato”. Some time ago, you can see a lot of piles of shivering sound: “We learn to call me together, 喵喵喵喵喵·········”, and most recently I heard the most: ” Come on! Brother!”

Maybe you will feel inexplicable, but in this era of information explosion, the next hot spot is hidden everywhere.

WeChat 圖片_20181127151720

It’s because of the big news explosion that if your products or businesses don’t advertise, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the waves of information.

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