Facebook article rule: the number of brushes is not as good as the brush experience!

Find someone to share their own content, let people go to praise the post, as if it has become the standard for Facebook post. But over time, it will be discovered that such a mechanized way of spreading is simply a simple dissemination of content that is not of interest to the audience. Can not form hot spots, causing user discussion.

Have we ever thought about sending an article, and simply increase the number of po texts, instead of discussing the essence of the article, such a post is just a meaningless repetition. The number of brushes is not as good as the brush experience! Try to reduce the content of your own page, Use more time to come up with variousExperience give users, find the reason for punching/sharing, let They take the initiative to advertise for you, which may be more powerful than writing :Post.

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For example, I saw a cute snack in a new style restaurant, so I took a photo and shared it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. When my friend sees the photos I share, I will know where to have these snacks. What I shared is not the Facebook Post of the restaurant, but for my friends, this po is more interesting and attractive than sharing the official content on the page. Or, sharing your official Post is mostly to meet social metrics, and users spontaneously share the experience that your company brings to them, and may be more capable of bringing business. User (consumer) spontaneous updates are our operations. The page is difficult to “simulate”.


Another example, when I went to eat snacks, one of the snack papers was “This is not a spring roll.” So when I searched on Facebook, I saw related poems, and there were friends who talked about this.


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And this kind of content initiated by users to talk about your company or its products/services is mostly discussed by more than one person on your own page, and eventually it will reach Facebook’s so-called “valuable social interaction.” However, if you want to transform these discussions strategically and effectively, you probably can’t be completely unprepared. At least you have to set up a Facebook checkpoint and even link this punch to your page so that you can see the consumer’s punches from Page Insights and let you respond.

Although this is only a small change, it can be a new direction for Facebook Xiaobian to manage the page.

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