Creation Media is invited to participate in Google Partners Summit 2018

Creation Media was invited by Google last week to go to Taiwan to participate in the Google Partners Summit 2018 (Greater China Partner Summit. The summit will last for two days. All the elites in the field are gathered here to learn how to use it more efficiently. The Google platform has had a lively discussion of the role of Google tools.1

Simplify usage and optimize user experience. It has always been an aspect that Google is striving for. At the summit, Google also mentioned: a more simplified experience. A detailed description of the various aspects of the Google Marketing Platform (Google Marketing Platform). This is also the direction of Creation Media’s future efforts. Give full play to the advantages of all major platforms, make full use of relevant tools, and strive to provide each customer with the most professional and accurate network promotion program. Optimize the user experience.


In addition, the summit also mentioned that in the future, AI and ML will be fully integrated into our advertisements, in order to help customers get the best results in the simplest way and in the shortest time.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) will be the future of the advertising industry. With the continuous deepening of the era of big data and the continuous development of the media, the choice of audiences is becoming wider and wider, and the needs of the audience are becoming more and more personalized. Companies should not only expand their voices, but also consider how to make the most of the advantages of social platforms, and how to build relationships with their audiences through social media.

And the marketing trend of artificial intelligence means a few points:


  • Customer needs are personalized, and artificial intelligence means that everyone can be satisfied with many personalized needs

  • Scenario, the ad appears to fit the scene, and the media is getting richer

  • Timeliness, to meet user needs in a timely manner.

In the era of artificial intelligence, advertising will become an important business message. To satisfy the audience, not to dislike the advertisement or even to love the advertisement, is the direction that every advertiser needs to work hard.


The combination of work and rest has always been the style of Google’s work. In addition to sharing information and sharing sessions, Google also carefully prepared a grand dinner for the guests present. On the evening of the dinner, the guests were dressed up. Men wear formal suits and women wear elegant dresses. The dinner is dominated by red, and the bright red light reflects the dazzling brilliance through the crystal wine glass.



Accompanied by fine wines and fine food, the guests present had an unforgettable night. Thanks to Google for giving everyone the opportunity to interact and make progress in Taipei. We believe that under the guidance of Google, Creation Media will continue to grow and improve, providing customers with high-quality and comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

As Google Partners Summit 2018 says: We will be on the wind!