CreationMedia & Google join hands in the seminar

21-Nov-2016 CreationMedia & Google In the hands-on seminar, Google Head Of SMB Marketing Nancy shared the latest promotion market data and introduced Google’s diversified advertising channels to match the festival promotion. Helping local businesses to seize the opportunity, our team also analyzes the most effective online marketing solutions, marketing strategies, creative techniques and content operations for our clients. It also shares how our customers use Google Display Network and Remarketing to help customers connect to the network. More business opportunities!





Hong Kong Baptist University invites Creation Media to share

22-Nov-2016 was invited by the Hong Kong Baptist University School of Communication Academic Week to share with the students the industry market information and career profile of our online marketing. Students are very interested in the daily social media Facebook and Youtube ads. At the same time, we put forward some suggestions for career and employment, and very meaningful activities for the students who are about to graduate into the society.





CreationMedia values the development of fresh graduates and believes that college students are a group of very energetic and creative young people. We participated in Google Ignite’s Digtial Star Onboarding in 2015. Program and successful recruitment of graduates.

Creation(International)Media Co Wins Best Value Service Award


Creation (International) Media Co receives the Best Value Service Award

The honor of Hong Kong’s most outstanding companies!

The result of the Mediazone Group of Publications, known as the “Oscar Award for Hong Kong’s Service Industry,” was released, and Creation (International) Media Co won the “2015 Hong Kong Most Valuable Business Best Value Service Award”.


Sing Tao Daily 3 April 29, 2015 B6-B7 Edition Full Version Introduction

The Hong Kong Most Valuable Business Awards is a prestigious annual business award in Hong Kong. It has been held for over 12 years and is designed to recognize companies that have made significant contributions to the business community in Hong Kong. This year, Creation (International) Media was awarded the Most Valuable Business Best Value Service Award. The company’s Online Media Promotional Advertising service has won the trust of its large and medium-sized enterprises.



This is not only the biggest affirmation of the company, but also the honor of the company. I am very pleased! Thanks to the customers for their support and love! With the recognition of the industry, the future of Creation (International) Media Co will continue to grow and strive to provide customers with Better Online Advertising Agency and Internet Promotion Service. We sincerely thank all our business partners and customers for their support to the company, and we have won this award.

More details:</ Span>

The next section of the red community’s APP?

Recently, a pinch-face game has swept the major social platforms like a flood. Click on Ins, Facebook, etc., you can see a group of cute little people with 3D effects. The search found that the social software is called “ZEPETO” and has quickly reached the top of the App Store free list.


From the App Store’s global market performance, ZEPETO occupies a total of 14 countries. Top 1, 32 countries’ social rankings Top 1, ranked in Korea, the United States, Japan and other regions are also very high.

Such an instant app, it is inevitable that people are curious about where it is sacred. After downloading and opening the app, we will soon be pleasantly surprised to find out how there is a feeling of deja vu!
WeChat 圖片_20181205102807

Originally ZEPETO is a self-made 3D cartoon image, dress up space, and build a virtual community social software. At the same time, you can generate expressions through your own avatar, take photos with friends, and display personalized images.

The operation of the software is not complicated. You can use a photo of yourself to generate a preliminary image, and then adjust the details to achieve your own satisfactory results.


In addition to the material given in the soft body, you can also click the custom button to adjust the facial features through the fixed point.

After the five senses are established, you can also apply makeup to your character according to your preferences and fully display your personal characteristics.


The last step is also the step we are most familiar with: dress up! Purchase clothing through the gold coins obtained by the system and the task. After you have created your own avatar, you can start making emoticons, taking photos with friends, and so on.


This kind of pinch-faced game, why is it a red network?

From the perspective of the game’s attributes, this is not a simple expression or dressup software. It combines the functions of emoticons, dressups, mini-games and social networking with strangers.

  1. Social products are constantly digging into individual deep and diverse personalities. ZEPETO has many different details about image shaping. The user is also examining me in the process of pinching the face.
  2. Meet the user’s personalized expression and personal style display needs. Using emoticons is an essential part of modern social tools. You can use your own avatar to create emoticons, and more satisfy the needs of users’ personalized expression. expression
  3. Trends drive. Because of the novelty and interesting style, the characters look good. When these virtual characters are popular on major social platforms. A trend-following mood drives users to search for and download software. Once spread, it will form a huge linkage effect. The software naturally ignited.

WeChat 圖片_20181205164947

After the red, will it be a flash in the pan?

  1. The traffic is exploding and the product is unable to undertake

I think the friends who have downloaded the software have realized that the process of opening the page after the software download is very long, and sometimes it can even be stuck on a page. The reaction speed of the software is also unsatisfactory. As an emerging software, faced with such a huge amount of traffic, it needs to be constantly adjusted in terms of adaptation. If the user’s experience is not good, the software will face a large number of users losing.

  1. Product Attribute Single

In addition to the social function, ZEPETO is nothing more than a software for making expressions and dressing up. If you don’t develop a new functional project for a long time, the user’s freshness will gradually forget the software.

Moreover, in terms of social functions, the ZEPETO system is still relatively unstable, and the aspects that can be created independently are limited to pinching and dressing. To create a stronger user stickiness, you need to develop more interesting features of the product. Fix these huge flows

Having said that, take a look at Creation Media’s work!

WeChat 圖片_20181204172115



In addition to the full egg, “Invincible Destruction King 2” has so much Internet information!

Not long ago, the release of “Invincible Destruction King 2 Explosion of the Internet”, the familiar Internet is presented to the public in the form of figuration, Disney’s unconventional plot arrangement and exquisite picture can be said to bring a Disney-style style to the audience. Internet dreams.

“Invincible Destruction King 1” was filmed in 2012, and in 2018, “Invincible Destruction King 2” is of great significance to Disney. As the world’s top entertainment industry giant, Disney’s market capitalization was surpassed by a young Internet company: Netflix in 2018. And this movie is undoubtedly a declaration of Disney embracing the Internet.


The film is mainly from the two protagonists in the stand-alone game: the story of Ralph and Yunilop. The game hall owner of the stand-alone game connected to the wifi and opened the channel for the stand-alone game and the Internet. Because the steering wheel handle of Yunilup’s game “Sweet Sprint” was accidentally broken by children, in order to keep the game, Ralph and Yunilup went to the Internet world to find the “Ebay” purchase steering wheel.

The Internet world has always existed in our virtual form, and this time, Disney has portrayed us with a figurative Internet city.

WeChat 圖片_20181127112600

As soon as you enter the Internet city, you will be greeted by major Internet giants: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, etc. Domestic companies have also appeared in this film: Sina and Tmall.


WeChat 圖片_20181127144321



The image of Twitter is also ingenious, borrowing its logo as a blue bird of figuration, and posting the latest tweets on the branches. And Gmail is like a small train, busy in the air.


As the key point of the film, “Ebay” appears as a modern modern building.


The viewers in real life all appear as a square-headed villain, and all the actions of the Internet world will affect the viewers in real life.

Is this the old man in the picture recognized? If you can’t think of it, Iron Man behind you will give you a hint!

stan lee

Automatic association
The automatic association function is anthropomorphized into a know-how. The automatic association function is very common in search engines. When we enter keywords, automatic association will automatically fill the rest of the content for us. This is also a simple embodiment of artificial intelligence.


For example, when we enter “Web Promotion” in the Google browser, the browser will automatically help us to correlate relevant information.

WeChat 圖片_20181127142135

Pop-up advertising

Pop-up advertisements are not unfamiliar to everyone. When we browse the webpage, pop-up advertisements are like the salesmen who are common in our lives (learning about swimming and fitness; interested in learning about English?), constantly attracting us. Attention, trying to guide us to our own website.



However, from the perspective of user experience, pop-up ads are not popular with users, and sometimes even cause users to resent.

Our experience tells us that pop-up ads often lead us to unhealthy websites, or some illegal websites, sometimes even associated with computer viruses. Therefore, when choosing to do online marketing, pop-up advertising is not a good choice.

Short video platform
Zan sister plays the role of website traffic algorithm in the film. A fashionable dress, the coat is made of network fiber. She is looking for the most popular video elements for the young people to promote and praise. This is very similar to the domestic “vibrato”, everyone is competing to shoot content that is popular with current users, in order to get more exposure and praise. And these praises and sharing can be turned into real money.


Transforming the traffic and turning the exposure into banknotes is a very common thing in the current online world. It is this environment that has spawned a large number of Internet reds, KOL. They have a large number of fans, and once they pass it through their hands, they can generate huge amounts of communication. This emerging advertising model is also benefited from the rapid development of the Internet and the media.

Big information explosion

In such an environment where information is exploding and spreading at a high speed, the Internet reds are red and fast. Perhaps the Internet hot words that were eagerly imitated the day before were replaced by emerging hot spots the next day.

This is perhaps the most straightforward in the “vibrato”. Some time ago, you can see a lot of piles of shivering sound: “We learn to call me together, 喵喵喵喵喵·········”, and most recently I heard the most: ” Come on! Brother!”

Maybe you will feel inexplicable, but in this era of information explosion, the next hot spot is hidden everywhere.

WeChat 圖片_20181127151720

It’s because of the big news explosion that if your products or businesses don’t advertise, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the waves of information.

Don’t want to be eliminated by the times? Creation Media helps you break through!

Gold plans to help you in multi-platform exposure, Google & Yahoo search, GDN (Google Display Network) & remarketing, Facebook advertising, Yahoo native advertising strong join, advertising information into the main online information platform, including news, fashion, movies, etc. With multiple version bits, it blends seamlessly with the content, and the eye-catching effect is remarkable!

Don’t be obscured again! You are also worth enjoying the unlimited business opportunities brought by high exposure!


Creation Media is invited to participate in Google Partners Summit 2018

Creation Media was invited by Google last week to go to Taiwan to participate in the Google Partners Summit 2018 (Greater China Partner Summit. The summit will last for two days. All the elites in the field are gathered here to learn how to use it more efficiently. The Google platform has had a lively discussion of the role of Google tools.1

Simplify usage and optimize user experience. It has always been an aspect that Google is striving for. At the summit, Google also mentioned: a more simplified experience. A detailed description of the various aspects of the Google Marketing Platform (Google Marketing Platform). This is also the direction of Creation Media’s future efforts. Give full play to the advantages of all major platforms, make full use of relevant tools, and strive to provide each customer with the most professional and accurate network promotion program. Optimize the user experience.


In addition, the summit also mentioned that in the future, AI and ML will be fully integrated into our advertisements, in order to help customers get the best results in the simplest way and in the shortest time.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) will be the future of the advertising industry. With the continuous deepening of the era of big data and the continuous development of the media, the choice of audiences is becoming wider and wider, and the needs of the audience are becoming more and more personalized. Companies should not only expand their voices, but also consider how to make the most of the advantages of social platforms, and how to build relationships with their audiences through social media.

And the marketing trend of artificial intelligence means a few points:


  • Customer needs are personalized, and artificial intelligence means that everyone can be satisfied with many personalized needs

  • Scenario, the ad appears to fit the scene, and the media is getting richer

  • Timeliness, to meet user needs in a timely manner.

In the era of artificial intelligence, advertising will become an important business message. To satisfy the audience, not to dislike the advertisement or even to love the advertisement, is the direction that every advertiser needs to work hard.


The combination of work and rest has always been the style of Google’s work. In addition to sharing information and sharing sessions, Google also carefully prepared a grand dinner for the guests present. On the evening of the dinner, the guests were dressed up. Men wear formal suits and women wear elegant dresses. The dinner is dominated by red, and the bright red light reflects the dazzling brilliance through the crystal wine glass.



Accompanied by fine wines and fine food, the guests present had an unforgettable night. Thanks to Google for giving everyone the opportunity to interact and make progress in Taipei. We believe that under the guidance of Google, Creation Media will continue to grow and improve, providing customers with high-quality and comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

As Google Partners Summit 2018 says: We will be on the wind!



Facebook article rule: the number of brushes is not as good as the brush experience!

Find someone to share their own content, let people go to praise the post, as if it has become the standard for Facebook post. But over time, it will be discovered that such a mechanized way of spreading is simply a simple dissemination of content that is not of interest to the audience. Can not form hot spots, causing user discussion.

Have we ever thought about sending an article, and simply increase the number of po texts, instead of discussing the essence of the article, such a post is just a meaningless repetition. The number of brushes is not as good as the brush experience! Try to reduce the content of your own page, Use more time to come up with variousExperience give users, find the reason for punching/sharing, let They take the initiative to advertise for you, which may be more powerful than writing :Post.

500662644_wx (1)

For example, I saw a cute snack in a new style restaurant, so I took a photo and shared it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. When my friend sees the photos I share, I will know where to have these snacks. What I shared is not the Facebook Post of the restaurant, but for my friends, this po is more interesting and attractive than sharing the official content on the page. Or, sharing your official Post is mostly to meet social metrics, and users spontaneously share the experience that your company brings to them, and may be more capable of bringing business. User (consumer) spontaneous updates are our operations. The page is difficult to “simulate”.


Another example, when I went to eat snacks, one of the snack papers was “This is not a spring roll.” So when I searched on Facebook, I saw related poems, and there were friends who talked about this.


Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 8.05.54 PM

And this kind of content initiated by users to talk about your company or its products/services is mostly discussed by more than one person on your own page, and eventually it will reach Facebook’s so-called “valuable social interaction.” However, if you want to transform these discussions strategically and effectively, you probably can’t be completely unprepared. At least you have to set up a Facebook checkpoint and even link this punch to your page so that you can see the consumer’s punches from Page Insights and let you respond.

Although this is only a small change, it can be a new direction for Facebook Xiaobian to manage the page.

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Consumer trust is a prerequisite for valuable information

L’Oreal’s US marketing VP Sivonne Davis believes that information is an indispensable part of contemporary marketing people, giving priority to consumer trust before making data valuable.

Once the brand is trusted by the consumer, it can be personalized, data-driven, and customized.


Davis worked for Kraft Foods and Kool-Aid before joining L’Oréal in 2012. Davis said: Understanding consumer preferences is an art.Brands should move toward digitalization, and digitalization can help brands establish unique relationships with consumers and bring consumers closer to the brand.“For L’Oréal, we are thinking about how to establish a one-to-one relationship with women. L’Oreal’s brand is really to make women gain strength through beauty, and their different brands play different roles. We will touch the brand story, the same brand Really establish contacts and impress consumers.” What do Davis think about the problems encountered in the brand’s marketing process?

WeChat 圖片_20181031123936

How to deal with brand awareness and actual sales relationships

First, marketing personnel should consider whether consumers are familiar with the brand? Have they used related products? What is their impression of the brand? Will they recommend products to others? When branding is thinking about marketing strategies, marketers should have a clear understanding of which part of the purchase journey the consumer is in, and understand whether consumer demand is being met. Based on the above information, brands look for solutions that meet consumer needs. If consumers are new to branding, marketing personnel should invest money and resources to enhance consumer brand awareness. If the consumer is hesitant to place an order, the marketing staff should change the marketing method.


How can I avoid consumer dislikes caused by the marketing process?

Data-driven marketing is important to the brand’s interaction with consumers. If consumers are willing to provide information and information, they want the brand to push customized content. At the same time, if consumers are not willing to share too much information and information with the brand, it is equivalent to telling the brand to maintain a moderate distance. Brands master consumer psychology, and the advantage of marketing is the key.

How to leverage long-term brand goals for marketing?

The purpose-driven marketing is the key to the success of the brand. If you want to impress consumers with long-term brand goals and achieve business goals, brands must ensure the authenticity of the “goals” and show consumers that the brand has been working on something in the past, so that “long-term Brand goals “have a certain degree of credibility. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the views and attitudes of consumers when promoting products through social, packaging, and paper media. There are a variety of ways to promote “long-term brand goals,” but brands must take the lead.


New advertising opportunities? Micro-fiction is getting hotter on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook

On social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, the number of fans or stories that are told in about 140 words (in order to match the text or the number of words in Twitter) is attracting more and more fans.

WeChat 圖片_20181019165841

Creative stores and social platforms that meet this need are endless, offering readers a range of works that are internally completed and contributed by readers. Brands that target the user base to millennials are beginning to steer clear of the use of traditional channels to promote and have turned to collaborate with these social platforms.

Even a very short story or a small statement has no doubt a long history. A fictional story makes the world’s most famous micro-story created by Hemingway. It is said that when he had lunch with friends, he bet that he could write a short story in six (English) words. Then he wrote on a paper towel: “Sell: baby shoes, never passed. (For sale; Baby shoes; never worn)”

Undoubtedly, it is very difficult to tell a story in so few languages. Of course, many of the content that appears on popular micro-speaking platforms may make you indifferent, but they occasionally give readers a blow.

The earliest and most popular micro-speaking platform is TTT, which publishes stories on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and its own app.

WeChat 圖片_20181019170834

TTT was founded on Facebook by a 31-year-old team of 31 authors, Anuj Gosalia, who publishes a micro-story every day. At the time, he operated an advertising company called “Not Like That.” Chintan Ruparel, 30, is one of the team’s screenwriters and became co-founder of the company in 2014.

Ruparel said: “The design of TTT is pure white text on a black background – stand out from the chaotic ‘cat memos and jokes in social media.’” Gosalia saw the potential of the story and decided to open the platform to the audience. They created a URL, and the community user group can submit their work via a URL, and the team plans and publishes the work. Today, TTT has about 903,000 fans on Instagram, 1.1 million fans on Facebook, and more than 100,000 app installs. This information is why famous publishers are willing to work with it.

Instagram currently has many such pages, which are based on user submission and editor management. The scribbled, random scribble stories are among them, and most of the readers are millennials. According to the user data shared by the two-yuan founders, about 55%-65% of the users on Instagram are between 18 and 24 years old.

WeChat 圖片_20181019171013

For marketers, users of this age are also the most elusive. The brand is committed to attracting young people, and in recent years, the younger generation has become particularly difficult to reach due to the indifference to traditional media and any social media platforms used by parents.

This also means the convergence of benefits – the platform has become highly monetizable, and brands like to reach millennials at relatively low cost. But it is as difficult as walking a tightrope. If the user thinks that your purpose is commercial acquisition, then resistance and resistance will follow. Therefore, the advertisements on these platforms also need language, and sometimes they have little in common with traditional advertisements.

WeChat 圖片_20181019171017

Often, the content of a brand’s audience to write their own ads is also part of the promotion. Brand identity may have a rigorous look, but the slogan or brand name in the content is avoidable. Ruparel said: “We will never throw the product directly on people’s faces.”

Mohit Kumar, 19, is one of the partners who founded The Scribbled Stories (TSS) with 20-year-old Omair Tarique. He said that “the brands that openly advertised are actually less involved and less influential. TSS also appears in On Snapchat, the users of the platform platform are mostly teenagers aged 16-19.”

This has become the main source of income for the tiny platform. Depending on the size of the audience and the level of participation, the cost of working with a platform for one month is between Rs 300,000 and Rs 1.2 million (approximately RMB 2.84 million to RMB 94,700).

Gosalia said: “The frosty cream brand Cornetto launched a two-year campaign called “Summer of Love” at TTT, which is a nationwide $1 billion frost cream cylinder. There are 200 micro stories printed on it.”

WeChat 圖片_20181019171021

Big Bazaar, a large consumer goods retailer, also partnered with TTT to launch a fasting event called Neki ka mahina, which produced a series of micro-tales about doing good. According to Yash Sanghvi, marketing manager at Future Group, this is a way to keep young brands such as BigBazaar young and popular. If the story is getting more and more popular, then the same is true for small videos. Both TTT and TSS have a short film department that is responsible for producing brand-related video content.

Ruparel said they think video is a natural extension of text. TTT also shot some intimate self-portrait-style videos in the first person on Instagram’s video platform IGTV.

Most platforms like TTT actually start on Facebook, which has more fans on Facebook than Instagram. But according to all founders, “participation” — the number of people reading and commenting on each post — is much higher than Facebook. For example, a one-line micro-story on the TTT homepage on Instagram—“Bride burns, illuminates another material”—has more than 6,000 likes, while the same content on Facebook has only 150 likes.

Ruparel said Facebook’s appeal lies in that you don’t need to promote your posts to reach a large number of users before the algorithm is running, and it will prioritize friends’ posts over the news page. “So, thank God, Instagram has appeared.”

Small, visually appealing posts like TTT are great for Instagram. However, according to the latest published articles, the number of people reading and commenting on each post is much higher than the latter. Vaishnavi singh, head of content marketing at Penguin Random House, an Indian company, said: “The users of HaikuJAM are already writers or literature lovers, and we have been encouraging new writers and new voices.”

Realizing through these platforms is the next stage of development in this field. Karwa said that he is now shifting from branding to “strategic cooperation” with like-minded brands like Penguin.

TTT and many other platforms now publish longer posts—poetry, short stories, and even letters, although the most influential lines will still appear on the cards. Megha Rao, 22, is a full-time curator and writer for TTT. She said: “Longer reading patterns can give you a more immersive reading experience.” As a publishing writer, she likes TTT because of her. There is no need to tame his work in mental illness or feminism, and this may be something she has to do in mainstream publishing.

Purists may ridicule literary works that are small and lazy, but for fans, it has the same influential influence as long-form literature.

CreationMedia & Google 攜手講座

21-Nov-2016 CreationMedia & Google 攜手講座中,Google Head Of SMB Marketing Nancy 分享了最新推廣市場數據,及介紹Google多元化廣告渠道配合節日宣傳。幫助現場各商家抓緊先機, 我們的團隊也為客戶解析現時最具效益的網絡營銷方案、營銷策略、創意技巧和內容運營,還分享了我們公司的客戶怎樣利用Google Display Network 及Remarketing 幫助客戶羅網更多的商機!